Winner of the 2016 BOAAT Book Prize

Anyone who has ever loved anything will love this book.


--Dean Young

In a time when so much of our poetry seems ironic and detached, its language overwrought or restrained, its associations timid or excessively mentalized, it’s a true pleasure to encounter this fresh new voice, vibrant and full of the wild sap of life. 


--Dorianne Laux

There are the great books that give you clean and clear lines that belie the complications of living, that pass into the darkness of being as a lucky stone to take with you when you are hopeless, that present the erotic as something sad and horrible, yet absolutely otherworldly and important above all else. This is one of those books. 


--Dorothea Lasky

This book of mourning and love is so hilarious and strange, so full of voice, curiosity, and brilliance, it shines with passion and energy. If you want to read some of the best new poetry in a decade, read Edith.


--Deb Olin Unferth