The Map is Not the Territory: excerpt from The most private thing I'm willing to admit 

Fugue: Still Life with Grocery Store Sushi; Red Milk 

The Adroit Journal: Sometimes It’s Easier to See Into the Future Than It Is to See Into the Self; I Have Come to Demand the Light I'm Used To

BOAAT: Geophagia

The Collagist: I Had this Dream About Kayaks and You Were In It!

Nightjar Review: Night as Told from Inside a Horse's Mouth; I Carry Around Inside Me a Really Nice Little Place; Tender the Wing

Spark and Echo: Once to Speak of His Brightness

The National Poetry Review: A History of Dancing Alone in My Bedroom to the Romeo & Juliet Soundtrack

Boston Review: A Relationship in Chiaroscuro; Two Hatchlings at the End of the World; Promenade à Deux; Notes on Longing from the Overworld

Real Pants: Magic Baby Goats


Cumberland River Review: Ghost of the Lowbush

Narrative: How to Make a Horror Movie Using No Hands; I Live in a Box with No Sides; The Sky Inside the Body; A Limitation of Mockingbirds

Smoking Glue Gun: When Edith Doesn't Have a Body; Reading the News on My iPhone During a Snow Storm; Aliens Don't Want to Abduct Sick People

In print:

Black Warrior Review: Poem in Which I Wear the Same Clothes as Yesterday; The Gospel According to Edith

Indiana Review: Mouth Full of Bees


Meridian: The Outside Bird


Forklift, Ohio: Parakeet Literature; Bildungsroman for the Toothless

Day One: Love in the Time of Cards Against Humanity

Tin House: What Small Death Shines Up from the Dirt; A Course in Miracles